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AV Integration

We specialize in installing audio-visual systems throughout the country. Here are a few examples of our work. 


Wheeling High School - Wheeling, IL


We designed and installed a new sound system for the auditorium. We also integrated sound and video so everything is controlled from a touchscreen in the booth or backstage.  

  • EAW 10" MKD Series (Mains)

  • EAW JF60z (Front Fills & Delays)

  • QSC Qsys AV Controller

  • QSC Touchscreen Controllers

  • Yamaha TF 5 & Stagebox for Large Events

  • Redundant Dante network to enable connectivity anywhere in the venue. 

Arts Center - Hilton Head Island, SC


We designed and installed an audio-visual system that was integrated over three breaks in the theater's schedule. The system included a new house sound system, a communications system, and a video monitoring system.


  • Meyer UPQ-1P Speakers (Mains)

  • Meyer UPJunior-XP Speakers (Front Fills)

  • Meyer UP-4XP (Balcony Fills)

  • QSC K12 Speakers (Stage Monitors)

  • Yamaha QL5 Console

  • 24 Sennheiser Evolution 300 Series Wireless Microphones

  • A video distribution system for the remote pit

  • Digital ClearCom System

  • Dante network to connect a remote pit and the theater

Community Arts Center - Buffalo Grove, IL


We worked with the Buffalo Grove Park District and Legat Architects to design and install a new sound system for theatrical productions and live events.


  • Meyer UPQ-1P Speakers (Mains)

  • Meyer UP-4XP (Front Fills)

  • Yamaha CL1 Console

  • Dante network to connect a remote pit and the theater

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